List of Objects in a Space

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Another assignment from the nonfiction writing workshop at StoryStudioChicago. We were to think of a space, a room, and start listing objects. A room I despised nestled in my head, sank its claws into my brain so the only thing to do was start listing objects as I saw them when I entered the room, looking around, left to right. Reading over it again, I’m struck by metaphors.

Anything strike you?

Keys in the lock
Hand on the knob
Still shiny from use
Cabinet to the left
Glass door
Antique bowl on one shelf
Antique objects on the other
Closed cabinet
Coat rack containing windbreaker and bike helmet. Black.
Black leather chairs against the wall
Separate by a small table
Windows overlooking back ally parking
No mountain view to distraction
Another short, long cabinet
Fucking whiteboard against it
Mulitcolored markers visible at edge of cabinet
Filing cabinet
HIs swivel chair
Paintings on the walls. Two. One on his side one on the other
Beautiful yet subdued colouring
Carpet. Greyish color
Patterns in the carpet
Scary patterns in the carpet like animals with sharp teeth, open, hungry mouths
TIe shoes this time. White laces. Solid socks.
Same chair to the left
Same number of antiques on the shelf
Other side with door still closed
Jar on top
Glass jar filled with unknown substance
Street light filters in
Sun long past set
Lamp plays funky with the animals in the carpet
Teeth lok longer, mouth more of snarl
Claws maybe if tilt head just right
Tick tock
Tick tock
Clock on the wall
Another on the table. Silent
Silence permeates
Fills the space
Slight sounds of traffic interrupt
No curtains on the windows
No blinds
No covering
No secrets
Leather chairs. Don’t feel worn but don’t feel stiffly new
Fresh air from the open window
No rain tonight
No pitter patter no interruption
Plants still look healthy on the table and the other cabinet
Small plants
And the tree in the corner
Near the coat rack
Small tree also healthy
Green. Green leaves. Odd colour for subdued room of wood and leather
Room colour unknown. Lamp light plays tricks on the eyes, puts beasts in the carpet, demurs colour of painting
LIttle focus
LIttle distraction
Silence still permeates
Chair swivels, sneakers with white laces stretch into view
Clean white laces. Like new
Navy sneakers. Soft soles
Soft soul
Silence still
Multicolor markers tease at vision corners
Animals in the carpet has become a wolf growing, teeth bared but now lunging
Antiques offer no defines, content to stay shuttered behind dusty glass.
Tree lists. Maybe not so healthily after all.
Plants half list. Almost there.
Car starts through the open window
Gentle pitter patter. Rain after al.
Coolness filters in on an ocean breeze
Wolf int he carpet is nonplussed
The tree doesn’t rustle
The plans remain half listing
No sun [unreadable]
Do they stretch during the day?
Does the wolf in the carpet nap quietly and peacefully?
Is there something else in the carpet by the door?
Wood door
Shiny knob
The grain looks used
Old. Beat up
Years of secrets in its pores
Years of God knows what trapped in the ink of the paintings
The walls.
Not quite thick enough to block sound
Not quite think enough to hear all
What happens to the walls in the end?
The plaster. The paint.
Structure underneath. Support beams.
Rotting unbeknownst to most
Age eating at them. Slowly having its fill
Weakening. Eating. Consuming.
The wolf in the carpet remains growling, teeth bared
Termites would leave a trail
Termites feed. You know them.
Decay can happen more quietly.
Decay can happen unexpectedly
Caught unawares like the jacket slipping off its hook.
Move to pick it up. Place it in its rightful place.
Soft texture. Smooth. Water repellant. What else can it repel?
The wolf in the carpet remains growling, teeth bared
Leather is now warm. Softer chair. Who cleans leather couches? Just add water.
Ah yes. The tea cup on the file cabinet.
Everyone here drinks tea.
Not for me.
It sits there on the fling cabinet, neglected for long moments
The other lamp is there, too
Small lamp, like a desk lamp but with a shade
Baige shade? Light does funny things
Wolf in the carpet gasps. All the teeth are visible.
Brushing past but can’t go near
Wolf in the carpet turns, teeth bared tongue out ready to clamp
Shoes cross but avoid it
My shoes
Wolf in the carpet is hungry
Wolf in the carpet snaps
Hand on the knob. Palms sweaty to keep it shiny.
Turning know. Tugging. Pulling.
Wolf in the carpet recedes as hallways light filters in, disinfecting
Steps to another door
Not as shiny
Bounding down the stairs out the door into pouring rain
Breathing. Finally.

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