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Guess this is habit now. Evernote may have cured me from my constant need to tweet. Who knew? Anyway, here are tonight’s notes:

Yeah, so,.got lost and arrived 24 minutes late. Go the opposite direction when looking at the map.

Course, if I’d done that, I wouldn’t have had a cool.conversation with a Telus Rep at the Telus store. They definitely get bonus points for customer service.

Talking about internal social media tools. Security and control is important. Train on optimal messaging. Know who is sending what.

Makes me think you should be asking for Twitter handles if ppl are going to be tweeting so someone can monitor and intervene if necessary.

Public traded companies slow at adopting social media. Seeing more companies doing Intranets to communicate internally.

Nonprofs want social media, their bread and butter.

Ah, not the only late arrival.

Hey! #chicago has hundreds of great restaurants too! Second time using social media for restaurant recs in #vancouver.

See social media fitting into every aspect of business, like email. Every person who works at your company is an advocate.

You must have a social media policy.

Yep. I check Twitter first thing in the morning. Morning habitual tweet is the weather.

Smaller group again. For a panel discussion.

Support through social, build a knowledge base and direct people to it. Cost savings.

Techmeme. Twitter list if trusted sources. AllTop.

Keep thinking there oughta be more people here. Have difficulty believing the social media community is so small, or perhaps more companies in Chicago use social media than in Vancouver. Hrm…less consulting competition. Perhaps. Interesting.

Like the exposed brick in this place. Reminds me of my first apartment in Chicago.

A TD screen cleaner on the back of the iPhone of the guy next to me. Others are catching onto the mobile screen cleaner.

Figure out business strategy first, incorporate social into that. Good plan.

Develop emotional connections with people.

Be helpful.

There apparently is another event in the back. Scala. No idea what that is.

To be helpful you need to listen.

Is it just me, or do we keep.having the same discussion about social media?

#4sq is different in the States. Full of tips. In Canada it sucks. Huh. Good to know. Something else that is different in Canada.

Canada Post social media policy.

Would it be bad manners to follow some people back to the Scala thing? My curiosity is killing me.

Oh good Lord. #googleplus doesn’t suck. It has a long way to go from a business use perspective, but it rocks from an individual perspective.

I cut out early. No, not to see what this Scala thing is, sadly, but to go home. Feeling a little bit under the weather so taking myself off to bed.

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